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| dPuppet v1.2 :: 9.17.04 ( download .:. readme ) Maya 6.0
dPuppet is a set of animation tools meant to allow animators to keep their focus on the artistic task on hand, and not be distracted by the technical. Just about any rig or animated objects will work with dPuppet, and setup takes only a few minutes and can be saved for later use. This can also save your bind pose, import/export animation, and import/export memberships. Three hotkeys have been added: Xray Toggle, Wireframe on Shaded Toggle, and SmartSnap; smartsnap toggles rotate snapping using the x,c,v key when the rotate tool is active.

| MasctorX v1.1 :: 8.31.04 ( download .:. readme ) Maya 6.0

MasctorX's sole function is to make the task of exporting animation & meshes from Maya to Unreal effecient and straight forward. The job of exporting 80 or so animations by hand is highly tedious and a poor way to end an energized session of animating, so I devised this solution to automate the task. Besides mass exporting your animations & meshes, the script will automatically determine your animation length, if the animation loops to prevent stutters, as well as whether your mesh is static or skinned.


More tools will be added as I clean them up for public release.