:: News

| 2.20.09 :: The return

   Site is getting replaced real soon, many things have changed in 4 years.

| 3.14.05 :: dPuppet 2.0 Coming Soon

   It has been a while since I have updated the news, but rest assured that things have been going on behind the scenes in the interim. Over the last month or so, I've been working with my friend Ruel to make dPuppet 2.0. What you can expect to see in the next version:

- A myriad of bug fixes
- Support for multiple characters in a scene
- A completely redone UI backend to make the interface better & more responsive
- Quick access to commonly used commands & tools used during animation, especially with curves
- Many small improvments and features

Expect this new version by the end of the month. Additionally, once dPuppet is complete, I will continue with another project that has been neglected that integrates several of my scripts into 1 powerful utility for game animators.

| 9.17.04 :: dPuppet updated to v1.2

   I updated dPuppet today to fix a bug I discovered where it would not im/export animation unless sets were configured. I also added a shelf icon for users that want it. This will hopefully be the final release since everything else seems to work.

| 9.15.04 :: dPuppet Released

   dPuppet has been released publically for download in the scripts section. This is an animators toolset for character animation as well as some other tools.

| 9.1.04 :: MasctorX updated

   MasctorX is updated to version 1.1, I added mass-mesh export functionality, as well as fixing some bugs like the animation export naming bug and added some more functionality. Just overwrite the old files and you're good to go. Most likely this is the final or second-to-final version, just minor adjustments and fixes until Epic releases a new ActorX with improved MEL commands.

| 8.30.04 :: MasctorX completed and released

   MasctorX is completed and ready for download in the scripts section. Let me know if there are any bugs, and remember to backup your scene files before using this script. Now that this is pretty much complete, I can go back to finishing dPuppet for public release as well as some other useful small utilities.

| 8.28.04 :: Near completion on MasctorX

   I've almost completed MasctorX v1.0 for public release, it just requires a few more adjustments. MasctorX is a mass animation exporter for ActorX & Maya, making this tedious task less time consuming. It should be a useful tool for any artist who uses Maya to animate for Unreal engine based games.

| 8.20.04 :: dPuppet script progress

   Beginning the process of cleaning up my dPuppet code for public release. Will require documentation and some fixes for unfinished parts.